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Meditation x Matcha

Cleanse Your Soul through "Chadou"



As an Traditional Japanese Tea practitioner and meditator, my goal has been to help my body and mind connect for a healthier life style. Knowing the super benefits of Matcha and realizing how meditative the process of making tea (aka Chadou) is I've established Medi-Matcha. Serving the Orange County and Los Angeles area, I love helping my guests release their tension from the stressful world and refreshing their mind by incorporating a variety of traditional practices from Chadou and Meditation. Bringing them to a heatlhier self from inside and out.

Weather you're a Meditaion maniac or matcha lover, or just would like to have a glimpse experience of the traditional Matcha service 

feel free to contact me.

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Couple Meditating on the Beach

"When you hear the splash

Of the water drops that fall

Into the stone bowl

You will feel that all the dust

Of your mind is washed away"

Sen Rikyu

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